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In 2015, the Barna Research Group showed that 42 Million people in America had left church and in many cases left the faith. This was someone who once was in church and professed Christ, but faced a spiritual challenge. They didn’t STAND FIRM or HOLD ON.
Scripture says this will happen, but the faith casualties don’t have to be as many. Through speaking in churches, publishing content, and creating resources we hope to warn and PREPARE believers. 

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JAKE MCCANDLESS is the Executive Director of Stand Firm and lead speaker. He’s a pastor and award-winning author of Spiritual Prepper from WND Books (2017), Invincible (2019). He has B.A. in Bible with Pastoral Emphasis from Central Baptist College and an Advanced M. Div from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Learn more.
He’s created a series of One-Day Conferences for churches. They’re two sessions. The first is a call to stand firm and shares challenges to the faith now. While the following ones share about future challenges. He can do this in any setting like a Sunday morning and night. Two consecutive weeks. Consolidate into one message. And the best results have been from multi-day revivals. Some examples are below. Learn More. 
Stand Firm
Emphasis Day
Are Here
Heaven is Better Than We Can Imagine
Church, We Must Get Israel Right


THE STAND FIRM TEAM  is dedicated to consistently putting excellent content to help encourage and prepare believers to STAND FIRM and HOLD ON





Helping Families and Churches Help Kids  


Parents, Make Christianity Big—EPIC

I don’t have a teenager, but here is the greatest advice in shepherding them to love and follow Jesus for life. Don’t worry the advice didn’t originate with me, but when I read it a few years ago my jaw dropped to the ground. I actually saw there was hope that a rebellious teen son or daughter could be rescued. There was a strategy that could help my young daughters s …


Parents, Teaching Your Child Bible Isn’t Hard

You care and want to teach your child the Bible. You want them to know the truth, but coming through is not so easy.  And it can be intimidating, but teaching your child Bible isn’t hard as we make it. 

In college and seminary, while training for ministry, I initially thought I might be called to family ministry. I took every family, marriage, and c …


Parents, Get Caught

Now there are things we try to keep from our kids catching us doing—
you know like hiding Christmas presents or yawning when they are reading to us. What were you thinking?

But, I want to tell you an act y …


Encouraging Believers to Hold On



Declaration Series IV: Bible Prophecy Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated, Read It

So, I have this tagline for my Bible prophecy teaching ministry and it’s not very helpful.

I advertise I want to be the boring prophecy guy. I know I need some marketing tips—you know anyone? And I learned really quick, prophecy-intrigued audiences don’t want the boring prophecy guy, they want the great- …


Declaration Series III: It’s Not Wrong to Warn about the Future, the Bible Does

If I’m crazy or irrelevant for preaching about future challenges to the faith, then so is Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Ezra, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew, John Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Jude, and even Jesus. They all warned of future challenges and calle …


Declaration of War II: Churches Are Not Prepared, I Want to Help

I know it’s a strong picture and title for a pastor to use. Especially, when he’s not talking about physically picking up arms, but  rather fighting a war of ideals. I believe the strong language of this blog series and the force of the war imagery is necessary because this battle carries weighty resonating consequences. As I wrote …


Declaration of War: People are Leaving the Faith, I Want to Help

I’m declaring war against an epidemic in America. No more timidity. No more holding back. There is too much on the line. What is at stake is too important.

If you follow Stand Firm Ministries or anything I’ve been up to the past couple of years, then you have heard my story. And I know, it …


A Forgotten Responsibility of the Pastor

Since high school I’ve been working in churches, and the past ten years as a senior pastor. And I believe pastoring is one of the most difficult jobs in the country. For me it was the wearing of the thirty million different hats that made it so difficult. You know how it is—as a pastor, we must be administrators, counselors, weddin …



Love No Matter What

Have you ever winced upon learning that a long-time friend has left your church? Even harder, did your friend appear to doubt much of what he or she used to believe about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Church, and the Christian faith?


What’s Your Story

By inviting a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance to tell his or her story, we learn more than a set of facts. If we listen carefully, we end up learning how they think, feel, and relate to others.

E …



We’ll Know More Monday – Part 1

Part I – The Routine Screen
“We’ve set an appointment for you to come back next Monday to review the results of your biopsy. In the meantime, we need to set an appointment with a surgeon.”


Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Go

Whatever you do, don’t let go,” my cousin, Judy, turned and called back to me. “Grab two fists full of mane, grip hard, and hold on.”

            “But I can’t swim,” I shrieke …


Uncertain About What’s Next

The tassels on each end of the golden honor chord, bright against the black collegiate gown, swayed slightly with each step. She paused, took a deep breath, and waited for what came next. As our daughter’s full name was announced, followed by, “Bachelor of Science, Missions, Magna Cum Laude,” Marinna crossed the stage, shook the hand of the college president and re …




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